Confessions of a Chiropractor

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Healing is not always what we think it should be. Healing does not always come in the form that we wish it would. We may desire a certain thing to heal, yet we do not receive that healing, and therefore, we believe that we have received nothing.

As a chiropractor, I understand and know that healing comes only from one place. The same power that made the body is also the only power which heals the body. I also know that that power gives life to the body and that physical life flows as nerve impulses from the brain to the rest of the body over the nerve system. I also know that when vertebrae subluxate, they choke nerves and block the flow of life from brain to body as it travels over the spinal cord and nerves. I also know that correcting a subluxation allows a greater expression of life as nerve impulses travel freely over the nerve system.

Although I know all of these things, I am also human. So my confession is this: At times I still become distraught when a certain person or a certain condition does not seem to heal in the way that I wish they would. You see, as a human being, I still always wish that pain or symptoms or conditions would clear up or go away or stop hurting. I know in my mind that I cannot and do not control healing. But in my heart I still long to see every condition clear up every time. I wish to see all of my fellow human beings free of any and all physical conditions or ailments all of the time.

I know that this is not possible. I know that what heals and how a person heals is not up to me. I know that a person may come in to me with headaches or a back ache and that after being adjusted, their back or head still hurts, yet their liver or their heart may be healing, or they heal in a way that is spiritual and their marriage is better, or they stop drinking. The healing that occurs following adjustment is not always purely physical, and it is certainly not up to me. I know that I do not get to decide what heals or how or when.

But I also do know this: every human being is much better off without nerve interference than with it. I know that with a clear nerve system, that person’s expression of life is far better and that their potential to have the power which created them heal them is also far better.

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