Reign In Healthcare Costs

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Special Introductory Offer Helps Families Reign in Healthcare Costs

Many families are discovering that their life and health are being enriched through regular chiropractic care. This simple, yet powerfully beneficial care may be more affordable than you think.

With medical care costs going through the roof, and reports of bad, sometimes fatal reactions to drugs and surgery appearing in the news almost daily, who can afford not to keep their family healthy?!

More and more families are discovering that, with regular chiropractic care, their family’s medical costs are actually declining. While, more importantly, families are also finding that with regular chiropractic care, their over-all health is so much better that they would not live without it.

Bring your entire family. Let’s discover together how your family might benefit through regular chiropractic adjustments. Let me share with you how chiropractic actually works and what chiropractic can do for your family. Then we will discuss your individual family’s needs and together design a program of chiropractic care which is right for your family.

Mention this article and ask for our “Family Introduction to Chiropractic.” This is a two step process which includes the whole family:

#1 – I will personally consult with you; then, I or my trained staff will perform computerized scans of your spines which help me understand where each member of your family might benefit from chiropractic care. Then, if necessary, I will perform specific spinal x-rays that are right for each person’s individual needs.

#2 – After I have reviewed all x-rays and exam information, we will have you return for a “Doctor’s Report.” At the Doctor’s Report I will explain how your family might benefit through regular chiropractic care. Then I will give you a report of my findings, review your x-rays with you, and make recommendations for care.

While medical costs and insurance premiums continue to skyrocket, and medications continue to cause harmful side effects, Stewart Family Chiropractic is doing something to help your family stay healthy naturally. Call today for your Family Introduction to Natural Good Health Through Chiropractic.

Call 973-835-5773 today. You’ll be glad you called. There is no obligation to accept care.

Visit our Special Offers Page to see how you can reign in healthcare costs with chiropractic.

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