What’s Your Child Worth?

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If you could buy health for your children, you would, wouldn’t you? How much would you be willing to spend to increase your child’s health and decrease their risk of all disease? How much time, effort, and money would you dedicate to your child’s future?

I contend that if your child were lying in a hospital bed and was very sick, you would sell your house, your car, or your right arm to help them. Yet what are you doing right now, today, to help them avoid that hospital bed? I have no doubt that you are doing your best. You give them the best food you can, they take their vitamins, and you send them out for fresh air and exercise.

Unfortunately, the very foundation of their health, and yours, may be being overlooked. Vitamins are necessary. Good nutrition is obviously necessary. Exercise is undisputedly important. Yet the puzzle piece which you may be missing, the very keys to good health and longevity are held within your nerve system. Do you know that your child can have every outward appearance of health, perfectly normal reflexes and so forth, yet their nerve system can be impaired in a way that is leading them toward sickness and disease?

Do you know just how absolutely important your nerve system and that of your child is in determining whether you have sickness and disease, or health and longevity? Do you know just how often, how severely, and how chronically your nerve system can be impaired from delivering health to you? How can this happen? When does it start? Wouldn’t I know if my child’s nerve system were impaired?

If you could raise your child’s health up to a level higher than it is right now, even if your child appears to be healthy, would you be interested in doing that? How much would that be worth to you? If you could give your child a gift that would help them stay healthier for the rest of their lives, would you want it? If this gift could not only help your child with colds and flu, ear infections, and sore throats, but also asthma and allergies, stomach problems and all manner of childhood disorders, and it would carry into adulthood, helping to prevent heart disease, cancer, and all manner of adult health problems, would you want that gift for them? I’m sure you would.

Bring your children in today to have them checked for subluxations.

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