What’s Your Focus?

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It’s amazing. A week or two ago I was bemoaning the end of another ski season. Yet as soon as the sun is out and it warms up, I start thinking about the beach. Now, don’t take this to mean that I can’t focus. I can. During ski season I focus on that, during summer I focus on the beach. While in my office I focus on helping you regain and keep your health.

What is your focus? Are you more concerned about “get rid of my pain,” or is your focus “I want to be healthy.” It’s easy to get rid of pain, an aspirin can do that. Health takes a commitment. It’s your health, it’s your body. Do you want to live in a broken down wreck, or would you rather live in a beautiful mansion? You can invest in your health now, or you can hold onto your money and spend it from a hospital bed later on, trying to regain the health you’ve lost.

Health is such an ambiguous word. What does having health really mean? Taking pills every day to lower your blood pressure is NOT health. You are simply forcing your body to lower the blood pressure with a chemical. Health is when your body can and does regulate blood pressure (or anything else) on its own without the use of chemicals.

Using a scalpel to cut out a cancer does not produce health. Cancer is an aberrant growth of cells. When your body does not produce abnormal cells, or if you do, when your own immune system destroys abnormal cells, without chemo or radiation, so that you don’t ever know they existed, that is health.

Health is when everything in your body functions smoothly and properly on its own, the way it was designed to. Health is not simply the absence of pain or symptoms; health is an abundance of proper function. Proper function means you don’t get sick in the first place, disease does not occur, because every organ is functioning fully and your immune system is working to protect you completely.

People who care for their nerve system have a far greater chance of having health than those who don’t. Your nerve system controls everything within you. What’s your focus? How’s your health? How is your nerve system working?

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