Asthma and Alleries

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Lorraine Snodgrass I have had asthma and allergies my whole life.  I was on many medications and often rushed to the doctor or hospital as a small child. I missed a lot of school being so sick.

As I got older, my asthma improved but I was still taking several medications several times a day and still suffering.
A year after the birth of my first child I became so sick I could hardly get out of bed. Two years of doctors not finding what was wrong and prescribing more and more meds,  I had had enough. I stopped all meds except the asthma ones.

I started researching alternative remedies. I found a book The Maker’s Diet. It told how God wants us to live . . . healthy.
The book clearly stated all the benefits of chiropractic. I had been to one years before and he hurt me worse than the pain I went there with, I didn’t want to believe.

I followed the “diet” part of the book by eating organic food and using organic products. In a month I had lost weight and had new energy. But I was still taking meds. I thought that was OK.
When I was pregnant with my second child, I had many asthma attacks. I realized I had not followed the book completely. I believed organic food changed my life but there was clearly something missing.  That’s when my family and I met Dr. Gary.

I’m happy to report after 18 months of care I am medication free! I now know adjustments don’t have to hurt and it’s about whole health not masking symptoms.

I am a firm believer! Thank you Dr. Gary! I thank God for you and my new health every day!

Lorraine S.

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