Bipolar Disorder and Knee Pain

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My husband, Tom, felt led by the Lord to go to Gary at Stewart Family Chiropractic.

I am Tom’s wife, Sarah.  I have Bipolar disorder.  I have to take several medications to stay well.  One of the medications has a side effect which caused me to shake a lot.  Praise be to God, working through Gary, the medications have settled all of that shaking.  I also had a medication that threw my hormones all out of balance.  Once again, with enough adjustments my hormones are now in perfect balance.  I have even been able to come off 2 medications.  This is a great blessing.

Tom had chronic knee pain which disappeared after the right amount of adjustments.  We both have stronger immune systems and are sick a lot less.  We are both more calm and we sleep better at night too.  We are thankful to God and to Gary for all the help.

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