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CIMG0425 Eric BloisI am now 35 years of age. While I was in sixth and seventh grades I had migraine headaches by the end of almost everyday. I found myself throwing up, dizzy and sick.

My initial reaction to the idea of receiving chiropractic adjustments was fear. I was young and felt scared. My mother and another patient went ahead of me. Then it was my turn for my first adjustment. I am glad that I got over that fear. Since that first adjustment I have not had another migraine headache which was the main reason I started with Dr. Gary.

Chiropractic changed my life because it helped me to function in school and I was able to participate in more activities such as football, Tae kwon do and wrestling.

I have stayed consistent with regular chiropractic care. I have been migraine free all of these years, plus I rarely get sick with a cold or anything and even if I do, it is fairly mild.

Eric Blois

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