Sinus Headaches, Asthma, Stomach Problems

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Now – I believe

For many years, I had suffered from major sinus headaches. I would miss work only to stay home with a hot towel on my face for hours and hours. When I was at work, even just part time, I would get tremendous lower back aches after just one hour of work. I always thought to myself “Gee, I am too young to be feeling this old.”

Someone had suggested chiropractic care to me. I was very skeptical. I felt, what does my spine have to do with my sinuses? I thought that a chiropractor was just a waste of time. Someone who just wanted to lead me away from the medicine that I thought was helping. After the headaches started to affect many aspects of my life, I gave in, figuring I would just go once to see what this was all about.

Well look at me now! Not quite a year later, and I am headache free. I can stand at work for my whole schedule without backaches. I was so amazed, that I took my children to see if it might help with my son’s asthma and my daughter’s frequent stomach problems. Well, of course it did. Now my children are enjoying many, many activities that were off limits due to health.

I am amazed. I have my entire family under chiropractic care. Our way of life has improved tremendously.

My only regret is that I didn’t listen to the suggestion of chiropractic care years ago. Thank you Donna!! Now I believe.


Lori R

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