What to Expect

Welcome to Stewart Family Chiropractic (SFC) 

Please read this carefully.  I will explain what you can expect as we get started on your road to health.

First and foremost, you can expect us to care, very much, about your health and that of your family.

Your first visit will usually include: a physical examination and x-rays when necessary.  This is information gathering so that I can help you properly.  In many cases, some of you have already been to one or more doctors concerning your symptoms or condition.  I will not be replicating what those good people have already done.  My purpose is to find the basic underlying cause of why your body is malfunctioning and why you are not healing more  completely.

To do this, I will be focused on your spine because your spine contains your spinal cord.  Your spinal cord is the super highway of information between your brain, which runs your body, and your body.  I will be looking for spinal bones, vertebrae, which are out of alignment with each other.  These are called subluxations (sub-lucks-ā-shuns).  Subluxations block the flow of information traveling along your spinal cord between your brain and your body.  I have found that subluxations result in malfunction, which is also what we call sickness and disease.  Everything from ear infections in children, colds, asthma or migraines to cancer, arthritis and heart disease can come about as the result of subluxations in the spine blocking the free flow of information.

Your second visit with us will include your Doctor’s Report.  The Doctor’s Report includes a discussion about how chiropractic can help you.  I will review your x-rays with you and explain what we need to do in order to help you heal.  I will go over any insurance matters and financial considerations at the Doctor’s Report.  You will receive a care plan, and if you choose to begin your care, you will receive a chiropractic adjustment.

Going forward it will be up to you to follow your care plan.  I can only help you if you follow the plan that will be given to you and we do the work necessary to improve your body’s function so that you can heal.  After your exam and Doctor’s Report visits, it will not be necessary for you to schedule appointments.  We provide a monthly calendar with our daily office hours.  It will be up to you to come in during our office hours for the visits recommended in your care plan.

Welcome to SFC, I am glad that you are here.  I am honored that you chose my office, and I look forward to serving you.

Dr. Gary

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