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Do you ever put pepper on your food? How many of you are allergic to black pepper? Do you have a problem with a little pepper which adds flavor to your food? No, of course not!

What would happen, though, if I walk into a room full of people with one of those big tins of black pepper, and I start to shake the pepper all around the room, up into the air and over people’s heads? What’s going to happen? Nine out of ten, or probably ten out of ten people will begin to cough, sneeze, choke, eyes will water, and noses will run. Now, you tell me; does this mean that everyone in that room is allergic to black pepper? No, of course not. Should everyone in that room take a nasal decongestant or an antihistamine to stop their runny nose? Or would you just say that the pepper is an irritant. Would you take some type of drug, or would you simply wait for your body to flush out the irritant (the pepper) through the use of tears, runny nose, and a cough or a sneeze.

Spring pollen is an irritant. What most people call allergies are really your body’s responses to a large amount of something in the air. That something in the air is pollen. Pollen is necessary for plants to blossom and grow. However, too much of it in the air becomes an irritant to human beings.

If you had too much pepper in your nose or throat and it is irritating, do you want that pepper to stay there? No. Your body flushes it out naturally, by coughing sneezing, runny nose or watery eyes. That is exactly what your body is doing with the pollen which is in the air all around us. Flushing it out naturally. So what do so many folks do? They take an antihistamine which does not get rid of the irritant in your body, but it does stop your body from flushing the irritant out. Yes, that’s right. Those allergy medications all do only one thing. They stop your body from doing what it wants to do to cleanse itself from the inside out. If your sneezing stops, the irritant stays in. If your coughing stops, the irritant stays in. Runny nose, watery eyes stop, irritant stays in.

Do you want the irritant to stay inside of you? Maybe what you really need is to allow your body to work more efficiently and effectively so that you are flushing out the irritant with less discomfort. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have your body working at peak performance so that you could have the irritant flushed out quickly with less of the discomfort?

Well, that is the more natural approach. That is also the chiropractic approach. By correcting subluxations, which means removing interference from the spinal cord, the chiropractor allows your brain and your body to communicate. When proper nerve flow is re-established, the body functions properly, because your brain can then get the proper messages to the proper body part to allow proper function. This may not mean that all symptoms go away, but if you are working right inside, your body will do exactly what is right for you, for your health and well-being. That is truly natural health.

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