Antidote to Fear

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Antidote to Fear

This is meant to be an antidote for all of the fear based, outside-in, thinking and advertising that you are bombarded with every day. I do not have an antidote for the medications that you may be taking or the side effects that they cause. This is an antidote for the thinking that goes along with them.

You are bombarded daily, almost constantly, with thoughts of fear. You are being told every day, through advertising, that you must be afraid of germs, afraid of the flu, afraid of disease. Be afraid! They shout. Every drug company in the world wants you to be afraid. Fear the germs, they tell you. The germs want to make you and your children sick. The germs might even try to kill you, they say.

The drug industry also, very subliminally, tells you that your body is stupid. Their message is that your body can not and does not know how to defend itself against germs or disease on its own. Therefore, their message is this, you need their drugs to fight the germs for you. You need their vaccines to protect you, because your creator was not smart enough to give you the ability to fight germs and disease without outside chemicals called drugs. The message is, that your creator was not powerful enough to put within you the ability to stay healthy on your own.

Taking drugs or vaccines from outside of you, is what I mean by outside-in thinking. Which is to say, taking something from outside of you, a chemical called a drug or vaccine, and putting it on the inside of you in the hope that that chemical substance will somehow heal you or protect you.

Here’s some truth, You are Powerful. You were created by an intelligent creator who gave to you a power, an intelligence, which is within you, that knows how to heal you and keep you healthy. Your inborn, innate power can heal cuts and bruises. It can heal broken bones, and it can heal dis-ease. It knows how to use your, already built in, immune system to fend off germs and how to drive them out if they get in.

Here is some more truth, germs are not malicious . Germs do not attack you. Germs are simply opportunistic parasites. When your resistance is down they move in. You actually get sick first, your resistance goes down first, then the germs move in. The same way that flies go to garbage, germs go to sick weak bodies. Why? Because its easy pickins. When your resistance from the inside-out is high, germs don’t stand a chance. They simply can’t get in. You don’t need a flu shot to have resistance, your creator already gave you that power. It was built in from birth. It might need a tune-up, but the power is there.

So, what does this have to do with a back doctor? Let me explain. The real true purpose and power of chiropractic lies in the fact that all of your resistance and all of your healing and health comes from your brain. It all comes from your innate, inborn wisdom telling your body how to function and how to heal. Your brain needs your spinal cord in order to communicate with your body.

Even more truth. Messages from your brain travel down your spinal cord to all of your body parts. Those messages control all function, all healing and maintain your health. Interference to the flow of those messages lowers your resistance and slows down healing. Spinal bones out of alignment with each other interfere with the flow of those messages. Spinal bones go out of alignment for a lot of reasons. Daily life causes spinal bones to misalign. Mental stress, physical stress, repetitive tasks, lifting and twisting can all cause misalignments of spinal bones. Most of the time those misalignments do not hurt. You can’t feel the misalignment. You don’t feel the interference to the flow of nerve messages. Yet, that interference is lowering your resistance and slowing down your healing.

A chiropractor’s only job is to correct those misalignments allowing nerve messages to flow freely. In other words, allowing life to express itself more completely, from inside of you outward. Thus allowing your inborn, innate wisdom to tell your immune system how to protect you at its best, and telling your body how to heal from within itself the best it can when it needs to.

It doesn’t really matter whether you have back pain or migraines, high blood pressure or heart disease, asthma or anemia, or any other symptom, condition, or dis-ease, or maybe you don’t have any symptoms at all, your health, your healing, your resistance will all be better without nerve interference than with it.

As a chiropractor I make gentle adjustments to correct the misalignments of your spine allowing life, nerve messages, to flow more freely. I correct that which is interfering with your healing and your health. Stop depending on pills and chemicals from outside of you. Start depending on the power of life which is within you.

It is that simple and that powerful.

I have been helping individuals and families, infants to seniors, enjoy healing and great health without drugs or surgery for 30 years. Invite your friends and family to come join our, naturally healthy, chiropractic family.

Have a GREAT day,
Dr. Gary

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