Cold and Flu Season

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Cold weather means that it is also cold season.  Baloney!!  If cold weather actually caused colds, no one would live north of Georgia. If cold weather caused us to get sick, then human beings could not survive in Alaska or Siberia, yet they do.

Here is a scientific axiom: in order to be considered true, something must cause the same reaction every single time. In other words, when you mix two particular chemicals and they react the same way every time you mix them, then the reaction is considered a truth. It is now considered a fact.

Therefore, in order to be considered true, every time every person went out in the cold weather, they would all get sick, every time. But we know that not everyone gets sick in cold weather. And we even know why they don’t. It’s because their resistance is higher.

Ahhhh, now we’re onto something. Resistance. How high is your resistance? Or your child’s? Does your child or grandchild get sick easily, lots of colds, runny noses, ear infections? It’s not the cold weather, it’s the state of their resistance. Many people of all ages are actually walking around with lowered resistance. They have lowered resistance all the time. They just don’t realize it during warmer weather. The cold weather puts a little extra strain on their system and they get sick. Yet it is really because their resistance is already down that they get sick, not the weather.

Regular chiropractic care raises resistance. Your nerve system, especially your spinal cord, is the master control system of your body. If the spinal cord has disruption because spinal bones are misaligned, subluxated, then control of your body is disrupted and resistance may be lowered. By regularly correcting the spine, nerve function is enhanced and resistance is also enhanced.

If you or your child or grandchild gets colds or ear infections or anything else frequently, then it’s time you discovered for yourself and your family just how much chiropractic can help. Don’t put it off any longer.  You know people who swear by it. Now find out for yourself.

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