Drugs, Drugs Everywhere

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Drugs, Drugs Everywhere

Taken like candy. Handed out like lollipops to children at the bank. Medicines are so prevalent today that many folks don’t think twice about taking them. As a matter of fact, some people demand them even when doctors say they are not necessary!

Blame for this goes equally to both doctor and patient, yet most of the blame actually lies with the drug industry and their advertising gurus. These are people whose greatest concern is selling a product, not your health. Our whole society is in a mess of chemical dependency. Yet it is not a true dependency, it is a dependency created by advertising, which has promoted the false belief that health and happiness can be had simply by swallowing a pill.

Is it any wonder so many young people take drugs? Look at what our society has taught them since birth: Got a problem? Not happy? Take something and you’ll be fine. But that’s an entire different issue.

Health does not come from pills. We’ve gotten to the point where some folks believe that even a cold or the flu cannot and will not go away without medication. Most medications primarily treat symptoms.   Which is to say they stop your body from doing what it is doing to try to protect and heal itself. In many cases, symptoms are our best defense. A fever is good. That runny nose contains histamine and interferon which rid your body of bacteria and viruses. When we lower the fever and stop the runny nose, we stop our body from cleansing itself and ridding itself of the invader.

For natural health, chiropractic has been proving itself for over 100 years. There are no undesirable side effects, while both the short and long term benefits are becoming more and more evident over time. Children commonly have higher resistance and get fewer colds and ear infections. People with asthma or migraine headaches can often reduce or eliminate their need for medication. Overall health becomes greater. The benefits are far reaching and diverse. The approach is simple, gentle, and direct.

If you think that chiropractic is too good to be true or wonder whether it can help you with your condition, I urge you to come find out. Come to a Doctor’s Report. See if it makes sense to you. If it does, then try it. I believe that you, too, will be pleasantly surprised.

Call today to set up your time to attend a Doctor’s Report, 973-835-5773. Stewart Family Chiropractic is located at 43 Newark Pompton Turnpike in Riverdale across from the school.

Below are a couple of videos regarding the pharmaceutical industry.  The first one is funny, poignant, and enlightening.  Take the time to watch it.  You will be glad you did!


Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth – Pharma doesn’t want to cure you – watch this video:


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