God Heals from Within You

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God created you. God heals you.

God did not create you, then run off somewhere else and leave you alone. God stayed on the job, within you, as Innate Intelligence, as your inborn wisdom, as life itself. God is at work within you all of the time, directing all internal function and all healing of your body. We refer to this inborn wisdom as life; in my profession we call it Innate Intelligence.

The fact that God is on the job as Innate within you doesn’t relieve you of responsibility to take care of your body. Within our physical body, even God’s life essence must express itself as something physical. Life within your body is expressed as nerve energy. Nerve impulses from your brain must travel over your nerves to every part of your body. Nerve energy from your brain controls and coordinates all function and healing of your body. Nerve energy regulates the re-growth and replacement of cells, which happens throughout your body constantly, keeping you whole and healthy.

When nerve energy is unable to travel clearly and freely through your spinal cord to all of your body parts, repair and replacement of cells and tissues does not progress fully, leading to breakdown, sickness, and disease.

Disease of any kind does not “just happen.” Disease accumulates when Innate Intelligence, God’s wisdom within you, cannot travel freely through your spinal cord.

Everyone has had falls, bumps, and bangs in their life. Everyone experiences stress. These are the two main things which cause interference to the expression of Innate within all people. Physical stresses such as falls, accidents, lifting wrong, even sports, can cause your spinal bones to twist out of their normal position, subluxate. Mental stress can cause your muscles to pull spinal bones out of alignment. Once your spine is out of alignment, subluxated, the flow of Innate from your brain to your body is impaired. Spinal subluxation leads to breakdown, sickness, disease, and slower healing.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what kind of discomfort, sickness, disease, or illness you have. It could be headaches, menstrual cramps, sinus, digestive, ear infections, high blood pressure, or anything else. When you release pressure on your spinal cord by getting chiropractic adjustments, you allow Innate, to flow freely in its physical form, as nerve impulses, over your nerves to every part of your body; directing and controlling health and healing more completely.

Don’t go by hearsay. If you already have a problem, learn if releasing your nerves can help you. If you don’t have any symptoms and choose to stay healthy, discover how keeping your nerves clear can help.

Call today, 973-835-5773. Tell my staff you want to attend our “Doctor’s Report.” Come, listen for yourself, for your loved ones. Ask questions. I’ll answer honestly and to the best of my ability.

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