Healing. ALL Disease

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Healing.  ALL Disease


What makes a chiropractor (a “back” doctor) think that he can help you heal from almost any disease?

I am not your healer. I am an instrument to be used by THE healer. Only the power that made your body can heal your body. It does not happen any other way. Chiropractic releases that power within you.

Do you believe in God, a Divine Creator, a Deity, a Supreme Being, a Master Maker of the universe? I do. As a chiropractor, healing instrument, servant, I recognize that a supreme intelligence created you and I, gave us life, and placed perfection within each one of us. That perfection within us is life. That perfection flows from our mind to our body in the form of nerve messages. I also recognize that because of daily stresses on your body, your spinal cord is blocked off a bit and your perfection does not express itself thoroughly throughout your entire body, which is the cause of much sickness and disease. Disease accumulates and occurs when perfection is unable to flow down your spinal cord and out to your body.

Blockage of the flow of perfection is not something that you can feel happening. You won’t even know it is going on. Which is why diseases like cancer and heart disease are able to accumulate for so long without you being aware of them.

By adjusting your spine, I help to release the flow of perfection through your spinal cord to express itself more completely in your body.  That allows healing to occur.  Also, the process of adjusting your spine and spinal cord can help prevent disease from ever occurring.

Now that is true healthcare.

This is what I know in my heart to be true, and what I would like to share with you and your family.

Gary C. Stewart,


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