Innate Healing Potential

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You were designed and born with an innate potential to heal yourself from within. You are pre-programmed to heal. Cut yourself and within a few days the cut is healed. Break a bone and within a few weeks the bone is healed. You have an innate drive toward health and well-being. The creative power of the universe endowed you with these abilities; internal self healing, and internal self regulation of health.

Why then, do some people have disease while others do not? Why do some children get every cold that runs through school while some of their class mates do not? How is it that two people can work in the same office side by side yet one has allergies and colds all of the time while their neighbor stays healthy? How is it that two people can live in the same house, possibly even twins or a husband and wife; eat the same foods, breathe the same air, even kiss each other, yet one gets sick while the other does not?

It has to do with each person’s ability to express their full potential. We all have a wonderful God given potential to heal and to be healthy. It is when we are not expressing our full potential that we begin to manifest dis-ease. When you are not expressing your full potential, even though you may feel okay at the moment, your body is in a state of dis-ease. There is unease, disharmony within you. Dis-ease leads to DISEASE.

Your spinal cord is your main highway for expressing your potential. Block off any part of the highway and your full potential will not be expressed. The resulting traffic jam is what leads to a state of dis-ease in your body, which includes lowered expression of your potential, lowered resistance to disease and then disease itself.

When you take care of your spinal cord you maintain your ‘Life Potential Super Highway’. When you express your innate God given potential through your spinal cord healing comes more easily and more freely. Health comes from within you naturally. You simply avoid many of the pot-holes we call sickness and disease.

To find out more about expressing your full potential, healing and staying healthy naturally you are welcome to sit in on one of Doctor Stewart’s ‘Doctor’s report’ which are held several nights a week.  Doctor Gary has been helping families stay healthy for over 25 years. For more information call Stewart Family Chiropractic today, they are located in Riverdale on Newark-Pompton Turnpike., across from the school.

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