Telephone Headsets

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At this point, I think that we have all come to realize that driving with a hand held cell phone is dangerous. What many folks may not realize, though, is that working with a hand held telephone is also dangerous. Think about how often at work you are on the telephone while writing or reading, or more commonly these days, on the phone and on the computer at the same time.

This is actually a big problem for many people. How many minutes out of every hour every day are you holding a telephone receiver up to your ear with your shoulder while continuing to work the computer with both hands? This is dangerous to your spine, especially in your neck. If you do this, even for only a few times a day, it is very likely to be causing subluxations of your spine. Subluxations of the spine can lead to many health problems, not the least of which are headaches, sinus, ear or neck problems.

You need to make sure that your spine has been checked for subluxations,. Especially your neck. Let’s face it; if your neck has a subluxation which impairs your spinal cord, that subluxation can easily affect any part of your entire body. After you’ve been checked and adjusted, you need to think about getting a head set. When your job involves fairly frequent or fairly long telephone use, especially while doing anything else, it is important that your spine be in adjustment and stay that way. Which is why I advised anyone working this way to get a head set, so that you do not cause those subluxations to re-occur too quickly.

I have found that more and more employers are willing to make this investment for their employees; however it seems that you need to ask before they will go out and get the headset for you. So, if you work on the telephone much at all, ask. Ask your employer to invest in your ability to be at work every day by getting you a headset. If your employer won’t make this investment in you, believe me, it may be well worth the cost to you to get a headset yourself even if you have to spend your own money. After all, it is your own neck that you will be saving!

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