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Chiropractic is by far the largest drug-free health care profession on the planet. Chiropractors are licensed in all 50 States and many other countries around the world. Every year chiropractors help millions of people to heal naturally ,while also helping millions more to stay healthy and prevent dis-ease.

Chiropractic works with the natural innate ability of the body to heal itself and to be well rather than attempting to treat or subdue symptoms.

Chiropractic is definitely holistic. Your entire body and you as a person are dependent on your nerve system being able to monitor, regulate and control every aspect of life, health and healing by communication through the nerve system.

Interferences, disruptions in the nerve system called subluxations (sub-luck-say-shuns) diminish your expression of life and health. You cannot be everything that you should be if you are living with subluxations. Subluxations do not usually hurt. You can have subluxations and not know it. Subluxations happen for many reasons starting with the birth process and learning how to stand and walk, and continuing throughout life because of all the many different forms of stress you are subject to. Falls, accidents, sports and repetitive tasks can all cause subluxations. Mental or emotional stress which results in muscle tension, tightness and pulling can cause subluxations. Chemical stress on your body from pollution, medication, food additives and preservatives can cause subluxations. Many people have subluxations lowering their health potential and are not aware that their spinal nerve system may be a major factor in what is going wrong with their health.

Chiropractors do not directly treat symptoms, conditions or diseases, however the list of things that have healed much more quickly while a person is receiving regular chiropractic care is virtually endless. The number of people who enjoy greater health, fewer dis-eases and have a much lower reliance on medication while they are receiving chiropractic care is huge.

Natural health begins with a clear nerve system. All other functions of the body are dependent on the nerve system. Breathing, heart function, digestion, the absorption of nutrients, immune function, sleep, rest and recuperation, the daily rebuilding repairs and maintenance of the body, the building up of muscle after a workout are all dependent on the nerve system working properly. Chiropractic helps allow that to happen.

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