Leg and Hand Stiffness

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Dear Dr. Stewart,

Little by little my legs became more and more stiff.  I had 2 MRI’s a CT scan, knee x-rays, hip x-rays and spine x-rays.  I went to four specialists.  I was told I didn’t need an operation.  I was told to go home and use alleve or they would give me pain medications.

My daughter-in-law said I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying you.  Everything you said at your talk made so much sense to me.

After my first two adjustments I noticed how the weight of the world was off me.  My hands had been so stiff for so long you could hear the bones crack when I tried to close them.  Now they close with no problem.  I also hear a cracking noise in my neck when I moved it from side to side.  That is gone too.  I am beginning to see slight improvements in my legs.  I know because of my age it’s going to take longer.

My lower back was so sore when you pressed on it.  All the soreness is gone and my whole spine feels so good.  Thank you for helping me.



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