Strep Throat, Allergies, Low Back Pain and Headaches

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Ryan B“At the age of 22, I thought that the rest of my life was going to be full of nothing but pain and pills. The past five years had been filled with lower back pain and headaches at least five or six days a week; not to mention allergies, colds, and strep throat two or three times a year. I guess you could say I was a mess. The pain medicine and prescription drugs were not working. The pain would come back and I was perpetually sick. I didn’t understand it. I was depressed because I constantly had to function in pain. I would fight tears every waking moment and sometimes I would wake up crying because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t even touch my neck or my back without feeling a searing pain like somebody was stabbing me where my finger was.

Then a miraculous thing happened – I went three full days without a headache! What changed? I went to see a Chiropractor, now my Chiropractor, Dr. Gary Stewart. After about three or four adjustments, I noticed I wasn’t having headaches every day anymore. The day I realized that, I shed the first tears in over five years that were not caused by pain, but by a renewed hope, a realization that I did not have to be doomed to a life of pain anymore. I now had a choice; ignore my body and continue to fill it with chemicals and live in pain, or continue Chiropractic care and become truly healthy. I chose the latter, and now I have been headache free for fourteen months straight. I don’t suffer the itchy eyes, runny nose, and sneezing my allergies used to cause. I haven’t had the smallest whisper of strep throat in almost two years, and I‘ve had maybe two colds that have lasted a day and a half tops. I keep getting adjusted and my health keeps increasing. It is absolutely amazing what my body, any body, can do when it is functioning at 100%. I cannot begin to explain the enormity of what Chiropractic has done for me, but I can live the rest of my life happier and healthier than I ever thought I could be because of it.”

Ryan B.

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