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Staying adjusted is more important than ever to help you deal with stress and to keep your resistance high.


Chiropractic is the largest non-medical health care system on the planet. This holistic health care profession is licensed in all 50 states and many countries around the world, touching millions of lives and helping millions of people to heal naturally, while also helping millions more to stay healthy around the globe.

Allow me to share the foundation and principles that are behind chiropractic.

Chiropractic is founded on the principle that the human body is meant to be self healing, self regulating, and self actualizing. All of these things are regulated by the inborn mind, also known as the innate mind, through the nerve system. Interferences in the nerve system, primarily along the spinal cord, disrupt the ability of the innate mind to monitor and regulate all function, healing and health. Interferences in the spinal nerve system, known in chiropractic terms as vertebral subluxations, also interfere with the individual’s expression of who they are as a human being. In other words, you cannot be the best version of who you are or who you are meant to be as a whole person if your nerve system is being disrupted by vertebral subluxations.

Chiropractic most definitely is Holistic, since the whole body and whole person are dependent on the nerve system being capable of monitoring, controlling, and regulating the entire being. Here is one simple example: you may take a vitamin, yet if the innate mind cannot fully regulate your body’s ability to absorb and use it where needed, you are not getting the most benefit out of that vitamin. Having a vertebral subluxation may limit the benefit that a person gets from their vitamins or any other nutrition. And that is only one simple example of how chiropractic benefits the whole person.

Vertebral subluxations are the result of stress in all of its many forms including: physical stresses such as falls, accidents, sports, and repetitive tasks (work), mental / emotional stress (our own muscles tug on the spine when we are stressed out, and who do you know that doesn’t have mental stress these days), and chemical stress, pollution, medication, food additives and preservatives. Most people have subluxations lowering their health potential and they don’t even know it, mainly because their back doesn’t hurt. You see, vertebral subluxations don’t necessarily hurt. Therefore you can have subluxations causing you to have health issues elsewhere in your body and be totally unaware that the underlying cause is actually in your spinal nerve system.

Chiropractors do not directly ‘treat’ any disease or condition. The true purpose of chiropractic is to release interference to allow the inborn wisdom of the innate mind to monitor control, regulate, and express the highest expression of you, the patient, possible.

The list of things, diseases, conditions, and infirmities that have healed and or healed more quickly while receiving chiropractic care is virtually endless. The numbers of people who enjoy a greater expression of health, have fewer diseases, and a lower reliance on medication because of chiropractic is immense.

You desire health, and you would prefer to have it naturally. Chiropractic is the foundation of natural healing, health, and prevention. When you remove nerve interference, everything else including nutrition, exercise, vitamins, and proper rest all begin to have an even greater benefit. Now that you know, why would you wait? You need a chiropractor. Your family needs a chiropractor. We are here, ready to serve you. Get your spine checked for vertebral subluxations today, so you can be the best version of who you are.


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