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A friend once described modern cancer treatment in this way; a woman is being mugged in an alley. A passerby sees the situation and throws a hand grenade into the alley. Well, the woman isn’t being mugged any more.

If you or someone you know is going through or has been through cancer treatment, you know that the treatment is often as devastating as the disease. Having cancer is not a war. Cancer does not attack you. It does not need to be counter-attacked. Cancer is your own body. No, I do not subscribe to that idea that we all have cancer cells in our body just waiting to pounce on us. We do, however, throughout life, develop abnormal cells. Cells mutate for a variety of reasons. For example, chemical toxins such as cigarette smoke or asbestos can cause cellular mutations. Over exposure to such things as the sun’s rays can cause cells to mutate. We do not carry around cancer cells like little time bombs waiting to go off!

The beauty in all of this is the fact that our Creator obviously took all of these possibilities into account. Our body has wonderful mechanisms for replacing abnormal, mutant cells with normal healthy cells. We have white blood cells that roam our bodies searching out foreign material and for our own cells which have become foreign to us, when they mutated. Your body does not last a lifetime. There is very little of your body that is any more than two to three years old. Most of your internal organs are completely replaced through the exchange of old cells for new, in a matter of weeks or months.

So, the question becomes, if cells are all replaced, and they are, why then do mutated cells continue to grow without being replaced by normal cells? Cancer is a bunch of abnormal, mutant cells, growing uncontrolled. Your own cell tissue has mutated and then continues to multiply. It becomes a mass otherwise known as a tumor. If your body is functioning properly and you are not bombarding your body with toxins, your system will destroy the mutant cells and replace them with normal cells, before you ever know they exist, and well before they multiply into a tumor. This goes on regularly and you don’t even know about it. This is called health. This is also where the idea that we all have cancer cells comes from. We do not carry cancer cells around, but we do develop mutations. However, we also normally replace mutant cells with healthy cells.

The key to all of this is to have your body function properly. Your nerve system controls cell growth and cellular replacement. If your nerve system is working well, your ability to replace abnormal cells with normal cells is maximized. If you nerve system is compromised, your ability to replace mutations with normal healthy cells is decreased. The better your nerve system is working, the more likely you are to stay healthy. If you are able, always, to replace the bad cells, the mutations, with good healthy normal cells, your body defeats the growth of the cancer.

Having a nerve system which is free of interference is utterly important to health and healing. That is truly what chiropractic is about. Spinal nerve interference lowers your body’s ability to find, destroy, and replace with normal, those cells which have become abnormal. By correcting subluxations (spinal nerve interference), the chiropractor frees your body to allow it to do what it should be doing to maintain your health and your life and to prevent or heal disease.

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