Our Purpose

Our purpose at Stewart Family Chiropractic is in the name of our office.  Stewart Family Chiropractic.  It’s about families; our purpose is to care for families through the natural health methods of chiropractic.

For those of you who have not yet experienced the natural benefits of chiropractic adjustments, I can only say, you don’t know what you are missing. Chiropractic is natural with no side effects. Chiropractic works in conjunction with the laws of nature, never against nature, which is often what medicine does.  We never attempt to force your body to do anything.  Through our gentle and safe adjustments, we work diligently to allow the innate healing ability that already resides within each one of us to come forth.

Chiropractic adjustments work equally well in assisting healing of disease as they do in helping to prevent disease.  Your body was designed to be healthy and you were meant to be self-healing.  Your designer intended for you to be able to heal from within yourself when healing is necessary.   Your designer also intended for you to stay healthy when you are.  Chiropractic can help you to do both.

It is through various forms of stress at any age that your body begins to lose its ability to heal and stay healthy.  You lose your health when your natural innate ability to heal and stay healthy is restricted from within you.  Chiropractic works by allowing the natural flow of nerve energy to take place.  Nerve energy carries the innate ability to heal and stay healthy from your mind to your body.  Without a full flow of nerve energy, dis-ease begins.  As un-ease continues, disease develops.  By releasing nerve energy and allowing a free flow of your innate healing ability from within you, chiropractic allows your body to heal and stay healthy.

Having a free flowing nerve system is foundational to all other healthy activities.  Without a free flow of nerve energy, your muscles might not rebuild, repair, and grow as well as they should following exercise.  Without a free, flow of innate nerve energy to your body, you might not use the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you take in as well as you should.  That good diet you eat and those vitamins you take may go to waste because your body isn’t getting the messages telling it how to use them.

Chiropractic works in all people at any age.  You are never too young or too old to benefit from chiropractic adjustments.  Physical and mental stresses affect us and begin to impede the flow of innate nerve energy right from the birth process, all the way on up throughout life.  Think of all the falls, bumps, bangs, and twists a child will have.  Then add to that all of the mental and emotional stress we experience in every stage of life.  Our innate healing and health ability begins to be impaired and our health gradually diminishes. Chiropractic adjustments counteract the effects of those stresses, both physical and mental, by releasing the flow of innate nerve energy.  In this way, chiropractic allows you to heal better when needed, and most importantly, to stay healthy and prevent disease.  The greatest healing I can help a person have is the disease that never takes place.

Dr. Gary


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