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Why do I offer incentives to come in to my office? Why would a chiropractor virtually give away his first visit with you and offer things like free ice cream to entice you to come to his office? Is the man starving? Is his practice failing?

No, quite the contrary, in fact my practice is quite robust. I offer these things for the same reason that a person will spend their own precious free time and sometimes their own money to be trained as a volunteer fireman. I make these offers for the same reason that an unpaid fireman will get out of a warm bed on a cold winter night only to dive in to a burning building, risking their own life and limb, in order to save the life and property of someone that they might not even know. I do this for the same reason that; if you saw a house on fire you would, at the very least, call 911 and then possibly even go to see if you could make sure that no one was inside. The reason I offer these things is because the true benefits of regular chiropractic care are not very well known. I offer these things because as a teenager, I discovered that health is within all of us and only needs to be released.

As a nation, we, the United States, spend more money per person than any other nation on earth for what passes off as ‘health care.’ Even though we spend more than any other nation, we are still very sick, we still rank near the bottom of the list in over-all health and life expectancy.   Medically, most of what is done for us as health care consists of nothing more than drugs which cause some type of numbness so that we cannot perceive our symptoms. Basically, we mask our symptoms with pain killers, muscle relaxers and aspirin and such, so that we don’t feel what is going wrong while the problem continues to go wrong.  High blood pressure medication doesn’t create health. It doesn’t even really get our body to function any better.  It just forces our blood pressure to go down by forcing our body to malfunction in another way somewhere else. Essentially causing a second malfunction in order to relieve the pressure from the first malfunction. That is not health. That just alleviates the first symptom, high blood pressure, by causing some other part of the body to malfunction in an opposite way.  Is that health?  Not really, and I did not even mention any of the other so called ‘side effects.’  Listen to the commercials, do you really want to trade hay fever for possible liver damage?

I see so much unnecessary sickness and disease. So many of my neighbors could have better health, naturally, through chiropractic care. Children taking antibiotics over and over again distresses me because I know that it is a sign that their immune system is not working up to its greatest capacity, and that most likely chiropractic care could and would help them if  the parents would just try it. I also know that many diseases could be prevented from ever occurring through regular chiropractic care. The seeds of disease begin early in life with falls, bumps, and bangs causing disruption to the vital flow of nerve messages through the spinal cord to the body. Just like brushing your teeth to prevent a cavity, caring for your spinal cord can help prevent all kinds of diseases later on in life.

So, why incentives? Because it is the right thing for me to do. Because, in a sense, too many of your houses are on fire. The cause of so much of your family’s sickness and disease is within you and the health that you desire is also within you, and I have the ability to help you release it. Therefore, I’m inviting you to come and find out for yourself how I can help. And, because you are my neighbor, I’m trying to make your first step, your first visit with me, as affordable as possible.

I’m sure that you wouldn’t charge your neighbor for the call to 911 if their house were on fire.


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