Infant’s first adjustment at 4 days young. He slept the entire time his spine was checked for vertebral subluxations and adjusted.

Why do people go to a chiropractor for adjustments if they do not have back pain?  Satisfy your curiosity here.

First in a series by Dr. Gary:  The Dynamic Essential.

Second in the series by Dr. Gary:  The Dynamic Essential.

Third in the series by Dr. Gary: The Dynamic Essential

Fourth in the series by Dr. Gary:  the Dynamic Essential

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Dr. Gary explains briefly how chiropractic can help so many health conditions other than backaches:

Discover how regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help you have the best possible pregnancy and childbirth. Watch an 8 month pregnant mom receive a chiropractic adjustment at Stewart Family Chiropractic in Riverdale, NJ while we explain the benefits of regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy

Here is our first television commercial:

Children love to get adjusted.  Dr. Gary adjusts children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers.  Their parents understand how important it is to keep the nerve system free of interference from spinal subluxations.  Kids who have their “Power On” grow up experiencing optimal health.

Power On! music CD Thanks to for allowing us to use their “Power On!” CD.   We have copies of the CD that we give away to the kids who come in to our office to get adjusted.  is an awesome website that has a lot of information on pregnancy and childbirth and children’s health, as well as other holistic resources.

3 Month Old Baby Getting Adjusted

This is Me!  Featuring some of our patients.

Allergy Season – Is Pollen the Real Culprit?

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