For Guys Only

for_guys_only_happy_coupleWhich of course means mostly women will read this.  So when your wife, girlfriend, or significant other hands you this, read it guys. It could save your life and your relationship.

Look, I’m 58, I’ve been receiving chiropractic adjustments for a long time.  I haven’t had the need for any medication in forty years or so.  And I sure as he** don’t need any stinking Viagra or Cialis.  And neither do my male patients who have been getting regular adjustments, and some of them have 15 and 20 years on me!

This is simple guys, it ain’t rocket science.  Everyone knows that your brain runs your whole body.  That means everything.  You know your spinal cord delivers the messages from your brain to your body that tell your body to do what you want it to do and need it to do.  If those messages don’t go through your spinal cord 100%, then your body isn’t working at 100%.  That could mean heart problems, high blood pressure, stomach issues, or other parts that don’t do their job.  Things don’t work right because the messages from your brain which are supposed to tell your body how to work are not going through your spinal cord completely.  Picture an electric circuit with a dimmer switch that is turned down part way.

Look, your back might not hurt.  But neither do all cavities. Your spinal bones can be subluxated, which means that your spinal bones are twisted, pressing on your spinal cord, slowing down messages to your body parts.  Having spinal subluxations does not mean your back will hurt, but it does mean that your body parts are not getting messages they need in order to work properly.

Having subluxations in your spine can be causing all kinds of body parts to malfunction.  It could mean back pain, high blood pressure, heart problems, indigestion or kidney or liver problems or low blood pressure in some parts when you need them to have high blood pressure (a.k.a E.D.)

Get your spine checked guys.  Spinal subluxations can cause all kinds of health problems.  Do it for yourself.  Do it for the beautiful person who got you to read this.

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