Going Green

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I applaud every effort to “go green.” To cut down on waste, use less energy, recycle, and cut pollution. How about going green with your health care? Stop and think about it for a moment. You wouldn’t dump chemicals into a stream or a river, yet what chemicals (drugs) are you putting into your blood stream? I once heard a C.E.O. of a major drug company state that it is impossible to make a medicine that does not have “side effects.” A drug without side effects is not a drug.

Let’s go green, or maybe I should say “pink,” with the inside of your body. What are you putting in there? What medicines are you dumping into your blood stream? What other chemicals are also getting mixed into that soup: food additives, preservatives, colorings, artificial flavor enhancers, as well as growth hormones and steroids in our meat and poultry. As we begin cleaning up our external environment, shouldn’t we also begin to clean up our internal environment?

So much of disease is the result of lifestyle choices. How are you maintaining your body? Do you wait until something hurts, then expect a chemical to “make it better” until it hurts again? Are you actively involved in keeping your body healthy, by reducing your risk of disease?

Keeping your body healthy and preventing disease requires more than just going for a walk a couple times a week. That’s a start, but you may need to do more. Look at your diet, not just at what you eat, but what’s in what you eat. How many chemicals can you eliminate? If your body were tuned up and running properly, how much medicine could you eliminate? Let’s say you don’t get a headache. Could you eliminate taking aspirin? If your child didn’t have asthma, how much medication could you stop giving them? If your blood pressure normalized, how much medication could you eliminate?

By tuning up your body on the inside, function improves and the need for medication decreases. Health flows naturally from within you. Are you ready to start creating natural wellness? It is time for you to begin at the foundation of health. Tune your body up on the inside and experience just how well it will run for you.

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