Happy Father’s Day

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My dad was not a great man, at least not by today’s standards. He was not a famous actor or big time sports figure. He never earned a million dollars in his whole life. He went to work and made sure that my brothers and I had clothes to wear, food to eat and a roof over our heads. He loved us as best he could in his own way. He taught us right from wrong. He was honest. He showed by example that hard work wouldn’t kill me and that a man could take care of his own home.

What does this have to do with chiropractic and your health? Everything! To begin with, I’m pretty honest. I’m never going to sell you a bill of goods just to get your business. I’ll tell you honestly what I truly believe you need and how chiropractic can help you. I will explain things so that you understand the recommendations that I make. I won’t expect you to do what I suggest simply because I am ‘the Doctor’. I’ll make my fees as fair as I can.

Unfortunately, my father also grew up in the age of penicillin and the so called miracle drugs. He believed there was a pill or a surgery to cure everything. And if they didn’t have it today they’d have it tomorrow. He would never listen to his boy when it came to his health. He would never stick to a chiropractic program. He would let me adjust him once in a while when he had pain, but that was about it.

I know in my heart that because my father’s spine was subluxated, his spinal cord could not work well, therefore his body developed disease and he succumbed at a fairly young age. You see, pills don’t make health. Disease of any kind can develop when the spinal cord is interfered with by spinal bones being out of alignment. Which happens to all of us and it does not hurt. So, like my father, your heart (or any other organ) could be dying from a lack of nerve energy even though your back does not hurt.

Listen up dads. Even though I’m a grown man, I‘d still like to have my father around. Take care of your spine. Your spinal cord is your lifeline. When your spine is impaired, even though it doesn’t hurt, you are developing disease. Don’t wait for disease to become an emergency.  It is far easier to stay healthy than to get healthy. And please don’t depend on some magic pill to make you healthy, because it won’t. When you get regular chiropractic adjustments you have a far greater chance to stay healthy and to live better longer.

Happy Father’s Day Dad, Thanks for all the good stuff you taught me. Wish you were here. Gary.

Dr. Stewart is located in Riverdale on Newark-Pompton Turnpike across from Riverdale School. He has been helping Dads and families stay well and healthy for over twenty five years. To find out more about staying well, call today 973-835-5773.

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