Harsh Words About PAIN

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If you want to talk about your pain and focus on your pain and think about your pain, you can do that all day long.  If you want to treat your pain, attack your pain, subdue your pain and mask your pain, you can do that also.

However, if you are ready to change the course of your life and get some HEALING going on, then we have a different conversation.  That’s a conversation I am ready to be part of.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be harsh, but your time is valuable and so is mine.  I do not wish to waste your time with more double talk and false come-ons.

Are you ready to pursue healing?  If so, let’s get right to it.

I do not treat pains, or aches or symptoms of any kind.  I do not treat disease or sickness of any type.  What I do though, can very possibly, alter the course of your life and your health and that of your entire family.

Pain is a warning, it’s an alarm, it is in fact, our friend, just like that annoying, noisy smoke detector that we hate when it goes off, yet we love it when it saves a life. Pain tells us that we have been injured, pain tells us to stop doing something which is causing us harm, and pain tells us that we have neglected our body in some way so that some part of us has deteriorated to the point of not being able to function properly.  Most diseases in our bodies, which include our aches and pains, are like cavities. When we neglect our teeth, cavities accumulate over time until we finally get pain. The rest of our body is no different.  When function from within is neglected, breakdown begins to accumulate. Most symptoms are the result of neglect, malfunction and breakdown.

Our bodies are meant to be self healing, self repairing and self regulating. That is why it is so darn easy for us to go along thinking that we will always be okay. Our bodies are programmed, by our creator, to adapt, to continue to function, as well as possible for as long as possible. Part of that programming is the fact that your body will not give you symptoms right away, not until a malfunction is so far along that your body can not work around it any longer. Take heart disease or cancer, two glaring examples;  we all know that these diseases accumulate and develop for a long time before we will ever get a symptom.  Sometimes the first symptom is death. That’s a pretty harsh symptom.  I personally am not waiting around for that one before I work at keeping my health as high as possible.

Back to the idea of treating pain.  Again, I will tell you this, I do not treat pain.  Yet there are many happy people walking around, healthy, who have received chiropractic care, not focused on treating symptoms, whose bodies have healed and they no longer have their particular pain or symptoms.

What we do is: locate, reduce and correct an internal obstruction to your self-healing called subluxation.  Subluxations (sub-lucks-­­ā-shuns) are interference to the expression of life in our bodies. They prevent our bodies from being fully self-healing, fully self-regulating and  fully self-repairing. When our bodies can’t do all of these things properly they begin to, over time, break down.  Pain and symptoms show up when lowered function has been taking place over time. Sometimes malfunction accumulates quickly, sometimes more slowly, yet in either case, it is not good.  Sometimes pain or symptoms show up quickly, or sometimes pain and symptoms show up more slowly, and in some cases symptoms do not show up at all until it is too late.

So, my job as your chiropractor is to do only one thing:  find out if you have subluxations and correct them.  By correcting subluxations we give your body back more of its ability to heal itself from within, just the way your creator intended it to do.  This does not include treating pain, but releasing life which has been obstructed from doing its jobs inside of you. When your body heals itself from within, pain is no longer necessary because the malfunction will be gone and you will feel alive and terrific.

P.S. – I’m sure that a few astute readers are wondering how a self-healing, self-repairing, self-regulating organism like our beautiful bodies can become subluxated and obstructed from doing all of these things which our bodies were designed to do. Look for my article on the causes of subluxation.

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