The Cult of “How I Feel”

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How do you feel today Mrs. Jones? How are you feeling today Mr. Smith? Oooh I feel pretty good. Good keep taking those pills.

I feel good. I feel bad. I don’t feel quite right. Take a pill, you’ll feel better. Feel, feel, feel.

How ARE you today? Well, I feel okay. I know that. But I want to know how you ARE.

Are you 100% alive? Is everything inside of you working? How do you know? What do you base that on?

Well I feel okay.

Great!! I’m glad you feel okay, but are you certain that all of your organs and glands are working? Are you certain that all of your parts are working and working in harmony with each other?

Well, I feel good as long as I take my heart medication. I feel fine as long as I take my aspirin, my headaches aren’t too bad. Yup, I’m good. Since I take those pills, my back feels great. I seem to be okay as long as I keep on my medication.

Feel fine, seem okay.

Feeling fine, seeming okay is not health, not even close to health. How you feel is not at all the best indication of health. We have become a society so caught up in how we feel, that we don’t even know what true health is any more. We are so busy masking symptoms that we don’t even discuss health any more, all we talk about is how we feel.

The ticket to health is having a body which is fully functional. That does not mean how you feel. Fully functional health may mean some days you feel good, the next day bad, and then the next day you feel good again because you recover. You heal. When you are fully functional, when you are 100% alive, your body is much more prepared to deal with anything that comes along. That means immunity is better, resistance is higher, and the likelihood of developing a serious illness is decreased.

How do you accomplish true health? You begin with the master control and regulatory system of your body: the nerve system. Your nerve system can be malfunctioning right now, and you might not even know it.   Very often, nerve system malfunction is painless and silent. It may also manifest as a health problem in other organs of your body, such as stomach, gall bladder or sinuses. Very often problems in organs, such as menstrual cramps or heart or lung problems are the manifestation of nerve system malfunction. No matter what is going wrong with a person’s health, it is essential that the nerve system be fully functional, if you are ever going to heal. A nerve system that is free of interference, a nerve system which allows 100% function to take place, is essential if true healing and health are ever to be achieved.

To find out more about nerve system malfunction and how it affects you and your family, contact Dr. Gary Stewart of Stewart Family Chiropractic located in Riverdale at 43 Newark Pompton Turnpike. The number is 973-835-5773.

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