Asthma, Headaches and Back Aches

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My daughter Hunter is four years old.  She likes do things a typical four year old likes to do.  She likes to draw and color and play outside.  She likes to sleigh ride.

Prior to receiving chiropractic care, she was having an asthma problem, really bad.  She was in albuterol treatments almost every day.  She has had the problem for at least two or 2 ½ years now.  When we were in Texas last year on vacation, she was in the hospital for four days.  We went to visit her grandfather in Texas and we spent four out of seven days of our vacation in the hospital.  The air down there is really bad, plus my father-in-law has five cats.  She was allergic to animals.  Every day when she would come home from the babysitter’s we would have to give her a treatment because they have dogs over there.  Even at if she would go outside she would have a slight asthma attack.  Last year with the weather, she couldn’t even go outside and play sometimes.  My wife had to really watch her when she went outside to make sure she wasn’t having a really bad attack.

It was horrible.  She hated that machine, too, the puffer and the nebulizer.  She used to cry when we gave her a treatment.  She would say “why do I have to do this? I don’t like this medicine.”  My wife was bringing her to the doctor almost every other week.  We were going to bring her to a specialist, but we decided to come to the chiropractor.  My wife is against medicine, if she doesn’t have to use it, she doesn’t.  She likes the natural way.

Hunter has only needed a treatment twice since she started chiropractic care.  She’s doing great.  She comes home from the babysitters and she’s fine.  We noticed improvement almost immediately, within the first week or two.  I’m happy, Hunter is happy and my wife is happy.  No more medicine.  Chiropractic has changed her life.  Hinter likes getting adjusted by Dr. Gary.

Chiropractic has changed my life, too.  I am a carpenter, and I had lower back problems and I would get bad headaches almost every day.  I had the headaches for a few months, but my back’s been bothering me for a couple years.  I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, living on Tylenol and Advil.  Not any more!  Since I’ve been coming to get adjusted, I’ve had one headache, and my lower back’s fine.  Dr. Gary’s good.  I would most definitely recommend chiropractic to others.  Matter of fact we recommended a friend of ours who is having a heart problem.  She was in the hospital for the last two days.  They want to put in a pacemaker; she’s only 33 years old. They put her on some medicine to regulate her heart, but I keep telling her to come here.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic, especially Dr. Gary.

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