High Blood Pressure, Arm Pain, Arthritis and More

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I’ve been under chiropractic care with Dr. Gary Stewart for five months now and I feel altogether different.  I feel like things in my body are starting to work.  My blood pressure has always been high, about 180/110.  It is now normal at 130/72.  My blood sugar was high, and that has also come down.

I had broken my hand several years ago and I’ve had a problem with arthritis in my fingers, especially the hand that was broken and now my arthritis has stopped bothering me.

I couldn’t sleep at night.  I used to wake up and then I couldn’t get back to sleep because of some shoulder pain and other aches and pains.  I get a great night’s sleep now.

I used to have pain in my arm from my elbow down to my fingers and that’s gone away since I have been under chiropractic care.

I had a stress test recently and I passed with flying colors.  That had me on the machine for 30 minutes and when it was done I said to the Doctor, is that it? I just got started.

I have bad knees from playing football when I was young and even they are doing better.

My neck was always stiff and when I was driving I had trouble turning my head to the side.  My neck moves a lot easier and now I can turn it in all directions.

I have a lot more energy.  When I walk on the track I can walk a mile in less than 20 minutes.

I really feel a big difference since I have been under chiropractic care.  My body is working better.  I tell my friends and family that money can never buy your health and so they should take care of themselves.  I recommend regular chiropractic care to everybody.

Thank you chiropractic,

William, Age 69

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